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The Fortress Of The Mind Production Team combines a Hypnotist with over 20 Years of Practice in the Hypnosis Field with the Vast Experience of a Professional Sound Engineer who is also a College Professor and a Musician.

There are a lot of Home Grown Products out there. Some Hypnotists make recordings on a tape deck or on their computer, with no editing and no real production value. The results are fine if they are doing something special for an individual client, or maybe producing something that they sell out of their office or at a show, but, the end result quality is not at a commercial level.

Some products are made by people who do have a good audio production capability, but they have no real background in Hypnosis, nor do they really understand the fundamentals of Hypnosis or know what they are doing.

By combining our Talents, our individual strengths complement each other so that we are able to produce quality Hypnosis/Media Based Products.

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"Life Enhancement through the Science of Hypnosis and Media Technologies."

Meet the Fortress Of The Mind Team!

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